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Here are the services we offer

Dedicated Servers

Ultrafast, Efficient & Affordable Server

Dedicated Servers are the best value proposition in the hosting industry. These ultra-fast servers are built on rock solid name-brand hardware. Most importantly, they include Premium bandwidth for real world usability, unlike our competitors who charge for every byte of bandwidth that is served. Even our least expensive Server is totally capable of running any number of websites and web applications quickly and efficiently, and without any surprises when the bill is due.

Datacenter Specifications

  • Replacement part inventory for all servers.
  • Biometric and Keycard Security Controls.
  • Battery Powered Redundant Dual UPS System
  • Security Cameras with 24x7 Monitoring.
  • 24/7 Staffing with RPNSPL Engineers.
  • Action Fire Suppression System.
  • Multiple Cooling Units.
  • 1x Backup Generator.

Power & Cooling Infrastructure

  • Native support of up to 275 watts per sq. ft . of usable power.
  • Solid State Static Transfer Switches connect all customer loads .
  • Environmentally friendly, battery-free rotary UPS systems.
  • Minimum N+1 redundancy on all critical systems.
  • 1 diesel-powered engine generators with High Capacity.
  • High-power density cabinets supportingup to 17kW of provisioned power.
  • N+2 Redundancy for Chillers & Computer Room Air Handlers (CRAHs)

IP Network

  • Four separate network Points of Entry (POE) with diverse underground duct systems.
  • Dedicated underground conduits to each computer room from multiple diverse POEs.
  • Diverse path, protected fiber ring to our other core network.
  • Global IP network with fully redundant.
  • IPv6 Ready Network.

Physical Security

  • Electronic security features two-factor biometric and proximity card authentically on.
  • Video surveillance of facility interior, exterior, and roof.
  • Surveillance videos archived for minimum 45 days.
  • Shipping and receiving areas isolated from colocation areas.
  • Routine physical walkthroughs by ServerCentral staff and security staff.
  • 24x7 on-site security guards
  • Man traps to prevent tailgating
  • Visitors screened upon entry to verify identity

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